Israel Bar & Bat Mitzvah Israel tour


​This tour itinerary is also recommended for families not doing a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel

 Day 1: Monday

Pick Up at the Ben Gurion Airport

​Drive to Beit Shean for Lunch 

​Swimming in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

Walking tour of theOld City of Tiberius (Energy Permitting) 

Dinner in the Old City of Tiberius

​After Dinner, walk along the Kinneret Board Walk  (Stunning Sound & Light Show).
​Tiveria’s nightlife is alive and most shops are still open.

Hotel Check in at Kibbutz Lavi     

  Day 2: Tuesday

​Big Israeli Breakfast at the hotel

Arbel Hike- One of the most spectacular views in the country. For part of the hike,
we will be rappelling its cliffs (family friendly)

Rafting on the Jordan River- Great place to have a picnic lunch afterwards.

De Karina Chocolate Factory- In the first room, we will see how chocolate is made. In the second room,
we will eat enough chocolate to satisfy us for a year. In the third room, each of us will
make our own chocolate and bring it home with us.

 Har Bental- We will have a safe overlook of Syria (up to the outskirts of Damascus) and see the significance
​of the Golan Heights. We will also walk through former IDF (Israel Army) trenches.

Dinner in Katzrin

Return to your hotel              

Day 3: Wednesday

Big Breakfast at the hote

Tzfat Citadel- The largest Crusader (Knights) fortress in the middle east. From the top, we will see a stunning view of the Kinneret, Galilee and Golan Heights

Walking tour of Tzfat- One of the 4 holy cities. This is the world center of Kaballah. We will walk through its enchanting 500 year old alleys and walk through its artist colony

Jeeping/ ATVing in the mountains- we will drive to special places only accessible with these large 4 wheelers. If you have a driver’s license, then you can drive too.

Kibbutz experience- A Kibbutz which is a world leader in organic food. The Kibbutz is still collectively owned (i.e. no private property). We will experience what it is like to live in a Kibbutz by planting and picking vegetables, feeding the animals, touching their organic bees (they don’t sting) and more. A must see for kids (and adults). 

We will drive through the Scenic Judean desert and Jordan Valley where we will see from the car: the
​Dead Sea, Jordan, and many sites mentioned in Tanach (Bible)

​Jordan River Crossing (opposite Jericho) - The spot where Joshua was said to have brought the Jewish people into Israel after 40 years in the desert (from here they will conquer, miraculously, Jericho) and where Eliyahu (Elijah) ascended to Heaven alive. This site is also interesting from a political point of view as this is the
border with the country of Jordan

Drop off at hotel in Jerusalem        

Day 4: Thursday

​Breakfast at hotel

Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel (Western Wall)

Special Bar Mitzvah tour of the Kotel Tunnels

​Lunch in Jerusalem’s Old City

Tour of the Jewish Quarter and free time for shopping at the Cardo (a 2000 year old mall)

Tour of the City of David- We will see the following:

King David’s Palace
Homes from the First temple period
Underground water tunnel mentioned in Tanach (Bible)- There is a wet and dry option
Possible burial place of King David

Dinner and free time- Ben Yehuda Street(Jerusalem's downtown)

Return to the Hotel                           

​Day 5: Friday

Yad Vashem- World’s largest Holocaust Museum

​Shuk- An authentic Middle Eastern marketplace which is especially lively before Shabbat

Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday night services) at the Kotel (Western Wall)

​Shabbat Dinner- Option to eat at the hotel or with locals

After the meal, optional tour of the Chassdic Neighbourhood of Meah Shearim                         

​Day 6: Saturday

Services at a Historic Shul (also an option to sleep in)

Huge Israeli style Shabbat Lunch

​Walking Tour of the First Neighbourhoods of Jerusalem outside the city walls (Optional)


Havdalah (Ceremonial prayers for the end of Shabbat)

Ramparts Walk (walking on top of the old city walls)
Free Time to visit relatives/Friends             

​Day 7: Sunday

Breakfast at hotel

Planting a tree in Israel

Barkan Winery- Family friendly visitors center with taste testing afterwards

Blind and Deaf Museum- We will experience what it is like to be blind and deaf and gain a greater appreciation for these important senses. Only one in the world.

Pool of Arches- We will row boats inside the ancient water tower of Ramla built by the infamous Al Rashid in 789.

Q & A with Israeli Soldiers

Dinner at the Steakhouse inside the Historic Windmill

​ Return to Hotel            

​Day 8: Monday

Breakfast at hotel

​Beautiful drive through the world’s smallest desert.

Masada- We will take the cable car up to Israel’s most visited tourist site (after the Western Wall). The site is most famous for the Great Jewish Revolt which climaxed with the destruction of the Second Temple. The last stand of the revolt took place here and with Masada’s fall came the Jewish Exile which continues to this day. Beautiful view of the Dead Sea and an option to hike down the mountain or take the cable car back down.

Swimming in the Dead Sea- More like floating. Feel free to read a newspaper while floating on the water. The saltiest body of water on earth and rich in minerals, the water is great for the skin. The Dead seas therapeutic waters have been known since the Roman Times, and Cleopatra had this sea seized for herself. Dead Sea skin products are sold all over the world. This is geographically the lowest place on Earth

Ein Gedi - An easy, family friendly hike in a desert, freshwater oasis. Although the Judean desert is barren
(50 mm of rain a year), plenty of water is found here. Besides the beautiful plants and usual spotting of Hyraxes
(type of rodent) and Ibex (gazelles), bring your bathing suits to swim in its cool natural pools.
We will see why King David chose to flee here.                     

​Day 9: Tuesday

Breakfast at hotel.

Nachal Alexander- Enjoy seeing the soft shelled turtles (Israel’s biggest Reptile) in their natural habitat.
​We will also climb the watch tower for an amazing view

​We will drive to Caesaria along Israel’s beautiful Mediterranean coast- Israel’s version of Pompeii. One of the best preserved Roman cities in the world. It is nestled beautifully on the sea.

Zicron Yaakov- We will visit the Aaronson house which was used for spying. We will see a movie and then go to the original house. Enjoy hearing the spy stories which shaped the country (and the world) forever and seeing the underground secret passage ways

Optional short walking tour of Zicron Yaakov- We will walk through the cute, original alleyways of the homes which today are shops. Excellent place to have lunch in a quint and quiet restaurant.

Park Alona- We will walk underground through an aqueduct built by King Herod (the same one who built the Second Temple) to bring water to a nearby city. The walk is in water and you will get wet.

Option to visit Atlit- A former Prison Camp which was used to house Jewish refugees of the Holocaust
between 1945 and 1948. It was built by the British.

Swimming by the sandy beaches of Netanya

Drop off at the Hotel             

​Day 10: Wednesday

Check out of Hotel

Ammunition Hill- This was one of the most important battle sites in the 1967 six day war. Capturing this hill allowed the Jewish people to liberate Jerusalem. We will see a fun movie and sound in light show. We will then go outside and experience what it was like to be a soldier. The children and adults will love crawling through the real army trenches of the Jordanian army and seeing a real tank from the war.

Temple Mount Sifting project- In 1999, the ancient treasures of the Temple Mount were loaded into trucks and dumped into the Biblical Valley of Kidron. We will dig through the archaeology and if we are lucky,
​we may find treasure.

Stalactite cave- We will walk through a unique and breath- taking cave.

Tel Azekah- We will see the place where King David and Goliath had their fateful encounter. 

Bar Kochva tunnels- We will crawl underground inside of tunnels from where the Jewish people fought a Guerrilla war for three years against the Romans (almost successfully). 

Dinner in Tel Aviv

Drop off at Airport

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Tour package options:

​* This 10 day Israel Bar Mitzvah tour includes your private Israel tour guide, your own personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. Admission, accommodations & car rental is extra (for no extra charge, we can take care of those logistics for you). You can bring as many participants as you would like. This option is $375 per day.

​** This 10 day Bat Mitzvah Israel tour includes your private Israel tour guide, private driver, vehicle, pickup/drop off at your door, personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. This option starts at $725 per day (dependent on size of vehicle needed). Admission and accommodations extra (but minimal).

*** All of the above information is subject to change based on weather circumstances beyond our control, energy level of the group, site closures, etc...