Sample 10 Day Israel Bat & Bar Mitzvah tour Itinerary (Also perfect for regular family trips)                                               

Day 1:

Pick Up at the Ben Gurion Airport

Drive to Kever Rebbe Meir Baal Haness in Tiveria for Mincha

Dinner in Tiveria’s Old City

​After Dinner, walk along the Kinneret Board Walk  (Stunning Sound & Light Show). Tiveria’s nightlife is alive and most shops are still open.

Kever Rambam for Maariv- The Kever of the Shla HaKodesh, Elizer Ben Hurkanos, and Rabbi Yocanon ben Zakai are all buried beside the Rambam. Daven at their Kevarim.

Hotel Check in Ron Hotel - Tzfat                                               

Day 2:

​Shacharis at Sanz Shul.

Breakfast at the Ron hotel.

​Hike the Arbel Mountain
•    One of the most beautiful views in the country
•    The Area is mentioned several times in Mishna andGemara
•    A small section has handles to climb the rocks

Abu Kayak/Rafting

•    Rafting on the Jordan River, part of the Jordan River Park
 •    Excellent place to have a picnic lunch

Katzrin Talmudic Village

•    Experience what is was like to live during the times of Chazal
•    Enter ancient homes and an original Shul from this time period
.•    Do activities such as making olive oil and wine (and separating Terumah and Maaser)
•    This site is interesting for all ages, but especially for Bochurim, as it will help further their understanding of their learning

Har Bental

•    Walk through former Israeli Army trenches overlooking Syria (see as far as the outskirts of Damacus)
•    See some of Israel’s most crucial battles and understand why the Golan Heights is important for Israel to hold onto.


•    Kever of יונתן בן עוזיאל
•    He was the greatest of the 80 students of Hillel (Gemara Sukkos)
•    Davening here is a segulah for a Shidduch 

Dinner in Tzfat (Badatz/Mehadrin Options)              

​Day 3 : Erev Shabbos

Shacharis at the Shul of the Arizal
•    Exact location where the Arizal started the Minhag of Kaballas Shabbos which is
done in almost every shul today

Breakfast at the hotel


•    Mincha at the Kever of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
•    Discover the little known ancient shul which Rabbi Shimon was said to have built

Pre-Shabbos Toveiling at Mikveh of the Arizal in Tzfat (For Men)
•    The Ari HaKodesh said one who toveils here will do Teshuva within his life time

Beis Keverim of Tzfat-

Daven by the Kevarim of:

1)    The Arizal
​2)    Beit Yosef- author of the Shulchan Aruch
3)    The Ramak- Author of many Sefarim such as Tomer Devorah
4)    Shalom Alkabaz- Author of Lechi Dodi
5)    Rebbe Pinchas Ben Yair- A Tanna from the Mishna

​Pre- Shabbos Preparations

Mincha/Kaballas Shabbos/Maariv at the Shul of the Ari- the place where it all began

​  Shabbos Seuda at the Hotel                             

​Day 4 : Shabbos Day

Shacharis  at hotel (Option for Vasikin Minyan with the Mekubalim at Abuhav Shul)

Shabbos Seuda at Hotel

Rest and relaxation

Optional short walk from the hotel to the nearby ancient crusader fortress:

•    One of the nicest views in the country of the Kinneret/Golan/Galil
•    Was the largest crusader fortress in the middle east

Mincha at the shul of the Beit Yosef

Seudas Shlishit at the hotel



Night time walking Tour of Tzfat’s shuls and mystical alleyways                          

​Day 5: 

Hotel Check Out after Shacharis and breakfast

Otzar HaStam, Tzfat-  Experience being a Sofer Stam.  The first room is a multi visual trivia game on Mezuza’s, Tefillin, and the Sefer Torah (there is a beginner’s option for kids). The next room is a movie with moving seats. The third room allows you to write on the parchment with the proper tools (and help of a real Sofer) and bring your work home as a souvenir.

Swimming in the Kinneret (Separate beach option)

Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu- Hands on Religious Kibbutz Experience on what it is like to live in a Kibbutz. Plant and pick vegetables, feed the animals, touch their organic bees (they don’t sting) and more. A must see for kids and teenagers (and adults). 

Jordan River Crossing-

 •    The spot where Yeshua ben Nun was said to have brought the Jewish people into Eretz Yisrael after 40 years in the midbar (from here they will conquer, miraculously, nearby Yericho)
•    Spot where Eliyahu Hanavi ascended to Shamayim alive
•    Interesting from a political point of view as this is the border with the country of Jordan

Drive to Yerushalayim 

Dinner and free time in Geula (Mehadrian options)

Maariv at the Kotel

Check in to hotel                    

​Day 6:

Shacharis at the Kotel 
•    The Bar Mitzvah boy will lead the leining (reading) of the Torah for the first time)
•    Following Shacharis, pictures with the Bar Mitzvah boy

Special Bar Mitzvah tour of the Kotel Tunnels

Old City/ Jewish Quarter Walking Tour

Lunch in the Old City

Tour of Ir David and its Tanach sites

•    Dry and wet option of tunnels mentioned in Tanach (Sefer Melachim)

Dinner downtown

Return to hotel.                                       

​Day 7:

 Jeeping/Atving in the Deser

Driving through the beautiful desert scenery

 Masada- We will take the cable car up to Israel’s 2nd most visited site (option to hike it down). Most famous for the Great Jewish Revolt which will climax with the destruction of the Second Beis HaMikdash.  The last stand of the revolt took place here and with Masada’s fall came the Jewish Galus (Exile) which continues to affect us to this day. Beautiful view of the Dead Sea from the top.

Dead Sea (separate beach option)-More like floating. Feel free to read a newspaper while floating on the water. The saltiest body of water on earth and rich in minerals, the water is great for the skin. The Dead seas therapeutic waters have been known since the Roman Times, and Cleopatra will have this sea seized for her. Dead Sea skin products are sold all over the world

Ein Gedi -An easy, family friendly hike in a desert, freshwater oasis. Although the Judean desert is barren (50 mm of rain a year), plenty of water is found here. Besides the beautiful plants and usual spotting of Hyraxes (type of rodent) and Ibex (gazelles), there is an option for swimming in its cool natural pools. See why when David HaMelech fled from Shaul, he came here.

 Return to hotel                                  

​Day 8: 

Pick up from hotel 

Drive to the Tayelet-Promenade – Beautiful view of the Old City. Stand where Avraham “saw the mountain from Afar” before Akedas Yitzhak and where David HaMelech passed through en route to conquering Yerushalayim and making it his capital

Kever Rachel (Rachel’s tomb)

Kfar Etzion- See an amazing sound and light show about the areas battles of the 1948 war and understand why this area is important for Israel’s security. 

Option to ride the world’s 2nd largest Zip Line (must do for those not afraid of heights)

Chevron- One of the four Holy cities of Eretz Yisrael.

Mincha at Maarat Hamachpela-Daven at the burial site of our Avot and Imahot. 

Tour of Chevron’s Jewish Community.

Return to Yerushalayim hotel.                

Day 9:

Ammunition Hill- One of the most important battle sites in the 1967 six day war. Capturing this hill allowed the Jewish people to liberate Jerusalem. See a fun sound and light show. Afterwards, go outside and experience what it was like to be a soldier. The children will love crawling through the real army trenches of the Jordanian army and seeing a real tank from the war.

Temple Mount Sifting project- In 1999, the ancient treasures of the Temple Mount were loaded into trucks and dumped in the Kidron Valley by the Arabs (the same valley which Tanach tells us Hashem will judge the nations who oppressed the Jewish People). Sift through the rubble and if we are lucky, we may find treasure. 

Kever Shimon HaTzadik for Mincha- The burial place of the last member of the Anshei Knesset Hagedolah (Men of the Great Assembly). 

Stalactite cave- Walk through a unique and breath- taking cave.

Tel Azekah- See the place where David HaMelech and Goliath had their fateful encounter. Then crawl through the Bar Kochba tunnels from where the Jewish people fought a Guerrilla war for three years against the Romans. This is the same Bar Kochba whom Rabbi Akiva thought had the potential to be Moshiach.

Return to Hotel                             

​Day 10:

Check out of hotel

Drive to Ramla:

Pool of Arches- Water tower built by the infamous Al Rashid in 789. Row boats through this ancient building.

Barkan Winery- Learn how high class wine is made in Eretz Yisrael and then sample some of it. Very child friendly.

Blind and Deaf Museum in Cholon- Experience what it means to not be able to see or hear. We will all leave with a great awareness and appreciation of the gifts Hashem has given us.

​Dinner in Bnei Brak

​Drop off at the Airport

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