Israel’s miraculous transformation from a barren swamp/desert 
land into the green, high-tech power house (3 day tour) 

Day 1

Pick Up at Hotel

Sataf - We will hike through the thick man-made forests planted by the JNF with a breathtaking
view of the surrounding valleys, villages and Jerusalem.  We will hike the ancient terraces used for
farming and swim in the ancient water system. Almost all of Israel’s trees (between 250-300 million news ones) were planted in the last 70 years (before the planting, these areas were completely barren).
You will see why Israel is the only country to have more trees at the end of the
20th century than the beginning. 

​Lunch on the founder’s street of Zicron Yaakov- We will eat in one of the old houses of
​one of the first modern Jewish settlements in Israel.  

After lunch we will be treated to a Paranomic View of Israel’s past swampland which has
been converted into Israel’s fertile bread basket.

Eshkol Water Treatment Facility’s Interactive Visitor Center- One of the world’s largest and most cutting edge. Because Israel is not a country with a lot of water, we continue to come up with ingenious solutions.
Most of Israel’s drinking water comes from the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and is transported
to the entire country via high tech methods and underground pipes. All water
passes through here to be treated before going to the country's sinks. The fact that Israel
​has running water 24/7, something not available
to many of its neighbors, is miraculous. Fun site for both kids and adults.

Yavniel Dairy Farm- State of the art Farm. One Robot milks the entire herd of cows.

Dinner in Tiveria's (Tiberius) Old City followed by shopping on the promenade.

Hotel in Tzfat                                                                                 

Day 2

Pomegranate Winery - Sample some delicious beverages at the world’s only Pomegranate Winery

Hulu Valley- The great Israeli project in the 1950’s of turning swamps into farm land. Unfortunately, this had negative environmental repercussions and a lot of it has since been re-flooded (though farms here still flourish because of the cool techniques used, which we will see). The result was the return of the migrating birds which is the 2nd largest bird migration in the world (after Panama). All Birds who travel over land from Europe, Asia and Africa have to cross this point. Option for some of the best biking in the country.

A Water Hike at the Jilbun(great for kids and young adults)


An easier hike by the Banias- one of Israel’s only waterfalls present all year round.

Chamat Gader- All natural underground Hot Springs Spa. Relax in comfort or swim through the many natural pools, each with different minerals. The benefits to your skin of the pools have been known for thousands of years all over the world. After a dip, we will see the Roman Empires 2nd Largest Bath House and impressive archaeology like an ancient synagogue all of which is well preserved.

Spa Hotel                        

Day 3

​Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu - Hands on Kibbutz experience. The Kibbutz is a world leader and innovator in organic food and concepts. Their ideas are used all over the world. We will experience what it is like to live on a Kibbutz while putting their organic ideas into practice on the fields and orchards. We will also pick fruits and vegetables and feel their organic bees (they don’t sting). Sde Eliyahu is one of the last Kibbutzim where all property
​is collectively owned.

Ein Prat Hike- We will hike this biblical, desert oasis, becoming refreshed by swimming in their many natural, freshwater pools. On the hike we will pass the abandoned, British Water Pumps which brought Jerusalem its water. The main spring is known as the “crazy spring” because the waters of the pool (supplied by underground springs) become full every 20 minutes, and then drains itself, repeating the process over again.Return to your accommodations             

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