Full Golan Heights Experience

Pick up from your hotel.

Drive through the scenic Judean Desert and Biblical Jordan Valley on route to the Golan Heights (options on the way to briefly stop at a biblical site on the Jordan River (Israel’s current border with Jordan), to jeep in the desert, to visit one of the world’s best preserved Crusader Knights’ fortress and for the full Kibbutz experience).

Chamat Gader
- All natural underground Hot Springs Spa. Relax in comfort or swim through the many natural pools, each with different minerals. The benefits to your skin of the pools have been known for thousands of years all over the world. After a dip, see the Roman Empire's 2nd Largest Bath House and impressive archaeology like an ancient synagogue: all well preserved.

Option to visit their Alligator Farm and/or Monkeys

Beautiful lookout of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)- See why the Golan Heights, which is often in the news, is vital to Israel’s security.

De Karina Chocolate factory- In the first room, see how chocolate is made. In the second room, we will eat enough chocolate to satisfy us for a year. In the third room, each of us will make our own chocolate and bring it home with us.

Golan Heights Magic (Katzrin)- Experience an amazing sensory movie and sound & lights show. Katzrin is often called “The Capital of the Golan Heights”.

Option for a tour of the World Famous Golan Heights Winery (including taste testing)


Katzrin Talmudic Village- Travel back in time 1700 years to experience how the original inhabitants lived. Walk through their homes, play with their tools and visit their original synagogue. Options to make olive oil and other foods the way our ancestors did.

Har Bental- Safe overlook of Syria (up to the outskirts of Damascus). Understand the significance of the Golan Heights and walk through former IDF (Israeli Army) trenches. 

Drop off at hotel (several options ranging from a Kibbutz guest house to the five star Kinar Hotel on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)). 
Day 2

Breakfast and Check out of Hotel 

Gamla- The “Masada of the North”. Hike down into the picturesque valley and climb up to an impressive fortress from the time of the Great Jewish Revolt which made its last stand in 67 CE. Option to hike back on the breath taking “Waterfall trail” where we will see the Griffen Vultures which went extinct in Israel but have been successfully reintroduced into the wild (Israel has a law that any animal which existed in Israel should be reintroduced except the lion, bear and crocodile)

Option for aWater Hike at the Jilbun (great for kids and young adults) or an easier hike by the
Banias- one of Israel’s only Waterfalls all year round.

Tel Facher-The battles fought here in 1967 six day war produced the most causalities. Walk through the
Abandoned Syrian Fortresses and dramatically relive the miraculous chain of events the soldiers went
​through in liberating the Golan Heights.

​Swimming in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) Or Rafting on the Jordan River

Return to your hotel.

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