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Temple Mount Sifting project

  • In 1999, the ancient treasures of the Temple Mount were loaded into trucks and dumped in the Kidron Valley by the Muslim Waff (the same valley which Tanach tells us Hashem will judge the nations who oppressed the Jewish People).
  • Sift through the rubble and if we are lucky, we may find treasure. 
  • Afterwards we will do a view of the Biblical Kidron Valley mentioned in Sefer Yoel (book of Joel) and Temple mount itself

View of Jericho

  • Overlook of the (perhaps) oldest city in the world
  • First city conquered by Yeshoshua (Joshua) and the Children of Israel after 40 years in the Midbar (Desert)
  • First city handed over by Israel to the Palestinian Authority after the Oslo Accords
  • Probably the best and most comprehensive view of Jericho from a safe location

Jordan River Crossing and Jordanian border

  • The spot where Yehoshua (Joshua) was said to have brought the Jewish people into Israel after 40 years in the wilderness (from here they will conquer, miraculously, nearby Jericho). 
  • Spot where Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah the prophet) ascended to Shamayim (Heaven) alive. 
  • Interesting from a political point of view as this is the border with the country of Jordan and just about the closest you can get without actually being in Jordan (often you are just 20 feet from both an Israeli and Jordanian soldiers)

Ein Prat

  •  Biblical, desert oasis, becoming refreshed by swimming in their many natural, freshwater pools.
  • On the (easy & quick family friendly) hike we will pass the abandoned, British Water Pumps which brought Jerusalem its water in the 1920’.
  • The main spring is known as the “crazy spring” because the waters of the pool (supplied by underground springs) become full, and then drains itself, repeating the process over again.
  • Yirmahayu HaNavi (Jerimiah the Prophet) was in this area and received prophecy here

Psagot Winery

  • One of the most impressive, kid friendly wineries in Israel
  • The winery doesn’t just deal with the world class grapes grown here but the history of the region in the Jewish Biblical heartland
  • We will see a movie, see how wine is produced, taste some wine and compete with each other on a fun electronic trivia game 

View of Michmas

  • Story from the book of Shmuel (Samuel) A 13-14 of the battle between the Israelites and Plishtim (Philistines) 


  • Safe and amazing view into Ramallah, “capital” of the PA
  • The town is unofficially a Jewish suburb of Ramallah

We will drive by Tel El Ful

  • Skeleton of King Hussein’s palace from when Jordan occupied this region before 1967
  • This was the location of Shaul HaMelech (King Saul’s) house
  • Construction started in 1965, but was not finished by the time it was liberated by Israel during the 6 day way
  • One of the nicest views of the country

9/11 memorial (Time permitting)

  • Only memorial in the world, outside of NY, where the names of all victims of this tragedy are memorialized
  • The base is made with a piece of the World Trade Center

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Northern West Bank: Israel's Ancestral Heritage in the Biblical Binyamin Region