Day in Midbar Yehuda (Judean Desert)

Pick up from your hotel.

Beautiful drive through the world’s smallest desert.

Masada- We will take the cable car up to Israel’s 2nd most visited site, famous for the Great Jewish Revolt which will climax with the destruction of the Second Beis HaMikdash.  The last stand of the revolt took place here and with Masada’s fall came the Jewish Exile which continues to affect us to this day. Beautiful view of the Dead Sea from the top.

Swimming in the Dead Sea (separate beach option)- More like floating. Feel free to read a newspaper while floating on the water. The saltiest body of water on earth and rich in minerals, the water is great for the skin. The Dead seas therapeutic waters have been known since the Roman Times, and Cleopatra will have this sea seized for her. Dead Sea skin products are sold all over the world​

Ein Gedi- An easy, family friendly hike in a desert, freshwater oasis. Although the Judean desert is barren (50 mm of rain a year), plenty of water is found here. Besides the beautiful plants and usual spotting of Hyraxes (type of rodent) and Ibex (gazelles), there is an option for swimming in its cool natural pools. See why when David HaMelech fled from Shaul, he came here.

Ein Gedi-Talmudic Shul- Ancient shul from the time of the Amoraim (Rabbi’s of the Gemara).
​Still has the original mosaic flooring.                                       

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