Negev Desert and Makhtesh Ramon Crator 2 day Tour

 Pick up from Hotel Biblical Be'er Sheva- Walk in the footsteps of our forefathers Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov in the city they dwelt in. We will relive several familiar stories in Tanach, especially Sefer Bereshis. Enjoy walking through the secret underground tunnels, climbing the tower to see a panoramic view of the beginning of the Negev desert & seeing the ruins of a significant city in Jewish history. Ein Avdat - Easy and breath taking hike with fresh water oasis with waterfalls in a deep canyon. 
Lunch Camel Rides on the desert dunes Beautiful car ride to Mitzpe RamonQuick hike up the "Carpentry Shop" ​-a unique geological formation in the midst of the Ramon Crator.

Dinner Star gazing tour with telescopein the Negev desert night - The best place to see stars clearly in all of Israel.
Arrive to the hotel ​ Day 2:Breakfast & check out from Hotel Mitsphe Ramon Visitors Center- Unique sound & Light Show, as well as the ​audio visual memorable to Ilan Ramon , Israel's First Astronaut into space
Rappelling and Jeeping Lunch ​ ​Archery in the Desert View of the Crater - This kind of Crator called the Mahktesh and is only found in Israel. One of the world's best view of nature at its best.

​Drop off at Hotel

Tour package options:​

* 2 day Negev tours include your private tour guide, personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics.

Admission & car rental is extra (for no extra charge, we can take care of those logistics for you). Bring as many

participants as you would like. This costs $375 per day.

** 2 Full day Negev desert tours including your private tour guide, driver, vehicle, pickup/drop off at your door,

personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. Starts at $715 per day

(dependent on size of vehicle needed). Admission extra.​