​​​​New City of Jerusalem Walking Tour​​​


Mishkanot Shananim- The first Jewish neighborhood built outside the old city in 1860 by Sir Moses Montefiore.  We will visit the famous windmill which was brought from England.

Gei Ben Hinnom Valley- A must see for Tanach (Bible) enthusiasts. We will see a site which is probably familiar to the kids from their learning. Aqueduct build by the Maccabee’s (of Chanukah fame)- Brought water to the Temple. 

​Yemin Moshe-  Today one of Jerusalem’s most beautiful neighborhoods with gardens, ponds, and a serene quiet in the middle of the city.  In 1948, this was the border with Jordan. Ideal place for a picnic.Herod’s tomb- second temple tomb believed to be that of King Herod’s family.

King David Hotel- world’s first themed hotel (before Disney). Made famous in 1946 when the Irgun, led by Menachem Begin (future Israeli Prime Minister) blew up British headquarters. Past guests of the hotel include Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher. The war stories will fascinate the kids.


Machene Yisrael- Second neighborhood of Jerusalem outside the city walls (first Sephardi one). Beautiful Turkish gardens. Ever heard of it? Probably not! We will see why!

Mamilla Pool- old Muslim cemetery, today a beautiful walking park. Remains of a 2000 year old pool which was the foundation of Jerusalem’s water source when the Second Temple stood.

Nachlat Shiva/ Ben Yehuda- Today Jerusalem’s trendy, downtown are area, but rich in history, beauty and architecture (Jerusalem’s third neighborhood)

​Time allowing Nachlaot (and its cute alley ways) and Machene Yehuda (i.e. Israel's famous shuk/marketplace.)

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*This full day, Jerusalem walking tour includes your private tour guide and personalized itinerary for $365 all inclusive. No vehicle or admissions required.