In the Footsteps of the Sanhedrin

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Tel Usah (home of the Sanhedrin, twice)- One of those times under the Tanna Rebbi Yehuda Bar Illai (the Rabbi mentioned more than any other Rabbi in mishna by almost double). The Sanhedrin was always in the place where the Nasi (Jewish Political Leader) lived.

Shfaram- Today a Druze Village and one of the ten places of the Sanhedrin (according to the Gemara in Rosh Hashana).

Beit Shearim- Explore many familiar places from your learning such as the mansion of the author of the Mishna; Rebbe. See well preserved tombs from the time of Chazal, including the burial place of Rebbe and his sons. Enjoy the ancient building which very likely where the Sanhedrin judged cases (based on a Gemara Yerushalmi) and a beautiful view of the Tanach (Biblical) Emek Yizrael (Jezreel Valley)

​Tzipori- One of the cities mentioned the most in the Gemara and one of the best preserved Roman Cities in the world. See the culture clash which existed between Frum Jews (many of them important Rabbi’s from the Mishna) and the Pagans. Rebbi moved here for the last 17 years of his life because of his health (look up the famous midrash of the cow). Besides enhancing your understanding of certain sugya’s you have learned, this is the place where Rebbe wrote down the Mishna.  See the shul from that time and one of the most beautiful and unique mosaic floors. Especially suitable for Yeshiva Bochurim.

Kfar Kedem- Experience what it was like to live during the times of the Mishna. Dress in the clothes of the time while making Pita and Goat Cheese in the same way our ancestors did (which of course we will eat). Travel by donkey to an interesting place.Tiveria- the final site of the Sanhedrin before it was outlawed by the Romans

Mincha at Kever Rebbi Meir Baal Haness

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