When visiting Israel, you will want to discover everything the country has to offer. 

​If you tour Israel with a large group, getting an Israel tour guide is a given, but if you are coming with your family, in the era of GPS and Google, is a Tour Guide in Israel still necessary? YES! 

The Main Benefits of Hiring a Tour Guide in Israel:

1. You will save money- Our familiarity with Israeli culture and tourism, together with our negotiating skills allow us to get the most for your dollar in hotels, restaurants, car rentals, gift shops, currency exchanges etc..You will discover that the money saved may pay partially for our services.​

You will be safer- While GPS might get you from point A to B, it does not take into consideration that the route selected may not be the safest. While Israel has so many wonderful sites/attractions to offer you, there are areas, roads, towns and cities which should be avoided. Our familiarity with the routes and security will allow you to explore the country comfortably, with peace of mind. ​

You will save time- Planning your own trip can be stressful and take several days, if not weeks, of research, long distance phone calls, frustration etc. Instead, allow us to use our expertise in Israeli Tourism to take care of the time consuming logistics. Simply tell us your interests and needs, and we will take care of the rest. As a result: 

You will see more- Rather than wasting time getting lost, only to arrive at sites that have already closed, allow us to use our knowledge of roads, site hours, and proximity to other attractions to build an itinerary which will allow you to see more sites and really maximize your time.

You will discover more- We will introduce you to people and places that you never even knew existed. Israel is a unique and spiritual land, where most of your favorite Tanach (Biblical) stories took place, most major empires have conquered and left their remains. Our unique story telling abilities and site knowledge will transport you back in time. 

You and your family will be happier- The needs of each family are unique, and often family members have different and conflicting ideas about what they would like to see/accomplish on their vacation. We will prepare an itinerary which can combine everyone’s interests, making a great vacation for all. Remember, if your “better half” or children are having fun, so
​ are you!