Yerushalayim Old City and Ir David Walking Tour  

Jaffa Gate - One of the main historical entrances to the old city. One of the main symbols of Jerusalem. In 1898, it will be breached by the Kaiser (king) of Germany, who wanted big enough space to bring his horse and buggy into.

Ramparts walk (optional)- Walk on top of the city walls, and see many impressive views such as the four old city quarters, Tower of David, the desert, and the Mount of Olives

Jewish Quarter- See the following: Churva (perhaps the world’s most famous Shul) which was used by the Jewish defenders in 1948 War of independence, burned to the ground by Jordan, and only rebuilt and completed in 2010 (exact way it used to look)

Cardo -The main shopping street during the Roman, Crusader, and Muslim Days (their version of 5th Avenue). Continues to be the main shopping street in the old city today.

Broad Wall - The wall is mentioned in Tanach in Melachim, Isaiah, and Nechamia. One of the greatest archeological proofs of Tanach events. It was built by King Hezekiah to stop the world’s most powerful army at the time, the Assyrians. One of the greatest miracles in history took place at these walls

Kotel -some of the last remaining remnants of the second temple. Touch the stones, pray and put your requests in the wall.

Kotel Tunnels

Ir David- See the following: David HaMelech’s Palace, Homes from the First temple period, Underground water tunnel mentioned in Tanach (There is a wet and dry option. Kids usually prefer the wet.) Possible burial place of David HaMelech     

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​* Includes your private tour guide and your own personalized itinerary. The Tour costs $365 (If you bring 10 or more people, the cost is $385). Chol HaMoed is $385 per day. No vehicle required. Admission extra (but minimal).